5 Signs You Have Hormone Imbalances

Balance is the key to live a happy life. And just like everything else, your body also requires a balanced hormonal state so your organs can function properly.


If you want to enjoy sound health, maintaining a balance of hormones is essential.


There are many ways to naturally attain hormonal balance, but before we go there, let’s find out whether your hormones are actually out of balance or not. 


Many factors indicate the misbalance of hormones, these chemical messengers, in the body. The following are the most prominent and commonly occurring indicators of hormonal imbalance. Take a look at the list below and see if you’ve experienced any of these conditions.


Constant Fatigue and Exhaustion

The most prominent indication of an imbalance of hormones is that you feel low and tired all the time. When there is an abnormal release of cortisol along with other adrenal hormones in the body, you feel stressed. Besides that, you may feel sad and extremely tired even when you do absolutely nothing.  Brain fog, low mood, and extreme depression indicate your body might have a hormonal imbalance.


Intense Cravings

Here is another commonly occurring symptom but it often goes unidentified because many people think cravings are just part of life – especially when it’s cravings for sugar and other sweet stuff.  Imbalanced hormonal states will boost your cravings for different food items including drinks, chocolates, and other tempting edibles. Studies have shown that an increased level of insulin or high concentration of cortisol in the body can enhance your craving for sugar or wine. And an imbalance of electrolytes in the body can cause you to crave savory snacks.


Weight Gain

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve heard me talk about this. In addition to your daily intake of food and exercises, your hormones also have a significant role in determining your body weight because they impact the metabolic rate. If your hormones are out of balance, you will have difficulty in shedding extra body weight despite all your efforts and dieting.  


Reduced Sex Drive

In women, the libido is controlled by the level of estrogen in the body. If your estrogen level is below or above the optimum level, it can impact your sex drive.  


Mood Swings

You’re not just moody because you’re a “sensitive” woman. If you take proper care of yourself and enjoy a healthy lifestyle but still experience mood swings quite often, it indicates that your hormones could be out of balance… Remember that unpredictable and severe mood swings also suggest that your hormonal levels need to be checked.



Hormones control numerous functions in our body. If one or more of these release in excess, they can impact the smooth functioning of multiple body systems. And if there is an underproduction of any one or more hormones, your body will experience some unpleasant symptoms as well. 


Personal Thoughts

On a personal level, I know how much proper nutrition and the right type of exercise can affect our hormone levels. After experiencing the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program, my thyroid levels went back to normal again, I lost menopausal weight, and I have more energy.


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