How to Become a Health Coach

People ask me all the time how they can become a health coach. I thought the best way to answer this was to write up a blog post explaining the path I took.


I’ve always had an interest in health and nutrition and was especially drawn towards a more holistic approach to health. I believe we are mind, soul, and body and should, therefore, address our health concerns holistically. Throughout my life, I’ve been an avid learner of nutrition and wellness but decided to take things a step further in 2018 because of something that happened to me at my doctor’s office.


At the age of 50, I began experiencing hot flashes, low energy and sleepless nights, among other uncomfortable issues.


I went to my OB/GYN and during a 10-minute appointment, she told me I was going through menopause and the only options to ease my symptoms were to start hormone therapy. When I expressed my concerns about HRT because my mother had recently died from aggressive breast cancer, she cut me short and said there were really no other options. I felt like I wasn’t heard, and I walked away feeling hopeless at my lack of options. The doctor was also only in her 30s and clearly had not begun to experience anything that I was talking about. 


I had experienced throughout my life that what I ate affected inflammation in my body and I understood that food can be used as medicine in many situations. But I didn’t know anything about food and its impacts on our hormonal system. I began to research everything I could find about that topic.


During my search, I found The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and realized I could enroll and learn even more about the body, mind, and nutrition. 


The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) is a holistic nutrition program (it’s actually the world’s largest nutrition school). It started in 1992 as a small classroom of students and has now grown to have over 50,000 graduates worldwide. It’s a balance of nutrition/wellness/lifestyle classes as well as business classes on how to start a business as a Health Coach, begin a career in the wellness world, or incorporate health coaching into your current career/lifestyle.


Here are a few of the common questions I get regarding my health coach career:

What is a health coach?

A health coach is someone who comes alongside an individual who would like education, encouragement, and support to reach their health and wellness goals. With a health coach, many people are able to achieve things they never thought possible. I like to think of a health coach as part teacher, part cheerleader, and part tough love. 


Are you the same thing as a doctor?

Absolutely not. A doctor diagnoses and a health coach educates and supports. 


Are you a registered dietician?

No. I did obtain a BA in Communications many years prior to starting IIN, but wanted to make a career change later in life. At IIN, I studied nutritional theories, but not in the same depths that someone who was studying to complete a university degree. For example, I was not taught detailed biochemistry.


Why did you choose IIN?

I looked at several online nutrition schools and decided on IIN due to their emphasis on holistic wellness. I was also really excited about the opportunity to learn from a variety of world-renowned instructors on a multitude of health and nutrition topics.


Get the curriculum guide here


Who were your teachers at IIN?

Joshua Rosenthal, the founder, and director of IIN taught a large portion of the program. But almost 60% of the curriculum is taught by the world’s leading experts in the field of nutrition. My teachers included Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Deepak Chopra, David Wolfe, Dr. Mark Hyman, Joy Bauer, Gabby Bernstein, and many more.

{If you want to check it out now – get a sample class here.}


Did you move to NYC so you could go to school?

No, IIN is based in NYC, but this program is completely online and can be completed in a year, or as an expedited program in 6 months. They do have conferences in NYC that IIN students and graduates are welcome to attend, but it is not a requirement for graduation.


Does IIN focus on one particular type of nutrition protocol?

No, and this is one of the things that I loved about it. I learned over 100 different nutrition theories. One of IIN’s core teachings is the concept of bio-individuality. Bio-individuality means that we are all unique, and it is recognizing and honoring our uniqueness that is the key to our own health and happiness. But in common terms, it simply means that one mans food may be another man’s poison. 


Is IIN accredited?

IIN is recognized by the New York State Department of Education and its course has been evaluated by the National College Credit Recommendation Service for up to 40 college credit equivalencies. 


What does IIN cost?

The tuition for IIN was quite reasonable, especially when you consider the education I received not only in nutrition but also in business and marketing. Plus, I can give you a discount on your tuition. Email me michelle@behealthywithmichelle and ask me for the IIN tuition discount code that they shared with me. I love to help other people find a way to learn more about nutrition and health, whether it’s for their own wellness journey or a brand new career.


I’m not sure if I’m ready to enroll…what’s a good next step? 

Set up a call with an Admissions Representative by calling 877-733-1520 and let them know I sent you! Even if you’re not ready to commit, they can discuss your goals in studying health and wellness.


Do you have more questions for me?

Email me directly at – I am happy to help! I was where you’re at and I understand that it might not be an easy decision. I’m happy to answer more questions so you can really know whether or not this program is right for you.


I truly love my career as a Health Coach. I love that I get to wake up every day and help real women reach get real results by reaching their health and wellness goals. 


And don’t forget, you can Get a sample class here

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