Why I canceled my gym membership

I used to belong to a really nice gym. The problem was I didn’t know what to do once I was there to get the results that I wanted. I’d do an occasional yoga class. And every now and then, I’d wander over to the machines and try something out. Or I’d get on the treadmill for a bit and watch the meter to see how many calories I burned. The most drastic measure I took was that one time I signed up for the class where you go out back and flip a tractor tire up and down the alleyway. That didn’t go too well.


So eventually I just canceled my membership and sat on my ass.


But then last year I gained about 20 pounds (Thank you menopause) and I decided I had to do something.


I started looking at those gym memberships again. But never wanted to pull the trigger because I wasn’t sure if I’d stay committed or if there was a class there that would give me results.


And then I saw FASTer Way to Fat Loss on social media. I didn’t sign up right away. I just researched it for a couple of months because I don’t tend to trust things very quickly. I began to see that this was not a quick fix weight loss program, but it was something even better. It would show me nutrition and fitness strategies that could carry me throughout the rest of my life. So I signed up.


Within the first 2 weeks, I started seeing results. It was crazy.


The results I saw was because I had finally learned how to fuel my body with the nutrients it needed. I had a nutrition strategy that worked. And not for the short term. It was something sustainable.


The second part of the program I enjoyed were the workouts. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I absolutely LOVE the workouts. You know why? Because they don’t waste my time and they produce results. Live videos I could follow 5 days a week. The videos were different every day too, and they were perfectly paired to go with whatever portion of my nutrition cycle I was in.


So that canceled gym membership is going to stay canceled. I’ve got a program that actually works that I can do in the comfort of my own home.


I loved the program so much, that I became one of their Certified Coaches. Now I help other women feel good, look good and burn fat. If you want to join my next round, click here.


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Michelle Arnold

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